It doit y avoir absolument éternité en musique: 我作曲故我在 – I compose; therefore I am.

There are some notes which I wrote down on the program book during Warsaw Autumn music festival, and those concepts are helpful to my composition.

☆ To create some UNEXPECTED SOUNDS (timbre and effect) rather than merely using strange ones makes the music more splendid.

☆ FIGURE DIVERSITY decides the characteristic shape of music that makes structural impression.

☆ Regardless of musical form, GOOD RELATIONSHIP between instruments and their timbre is very basic to chamber music.

☆ NEVER WASTE ANY SOUND in the work but using everything more properly and efficiently that makes the music more acoustic.

☆ Music which includes SOME MOMENTS MAKING ONE CONTEMPLATE is more impressive to the audience.

☆ Regardless of timbre, rhythm, and figure, DYNAMIC VARIETY crucially decides the motion in music even if the pitch and harmonic pace are stable.

☆ Music should have AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT LEVELS of both timbral and acoustic space, and stop before one fall asleep if it remains a period of calm.

☆ The direction of accumulation and dissipation inside music can be constructed with VARIOUS AND DELICATE PHRASES.

☆ A composer should blend all the elements into ARTIFICIALLY ACOUSTIC NATURE, especially when tending to incorporate very different materials in one work.

☆ Good music can’t be created as an emotional atmosphere without considering INNER RELATIONSHIP AND MOTION between both the instruments and the sounds.

☆ To make audiences BOTH ENJOY EVERY ACOUSTIC MOMENT AND FOLLOW THE CONTEXT inside music itself keeps deeper impression.

☆ To FIND OUT AND DEVELOP POSSIBLE VARIETY among the limited materials as much as well can turn the music into different characters and appearances in certain unity.

☆ PROPER ORCHESTRATION with the best acoustic effects helps music to have MORE POTENTIALITY OF EXPRESSION AND TENSION, which is an important core of a large-scale work.

☆ To compose by the ears means to make one’s acoustic experience filled with continuously unexpected elements that become INNER REMEMBRANCE and reconstruct their logic.

☆ Besides of hierarchical structures inside music, a composer should give the work CERTAINLY SPECIFIC CHARACTER that can be recognized as a unique, especially when writing for a common group of instruments.

☆ THE POSITION OF THE INSTRUMENT with the best resonance will enhance the actual effect of the layers in music that strongly influences a composer’s writing.

☆ GOOD MUTUAL RELATIONSHIP between instruments in chamber music benefits acoustic effects of all, especially when employing specific techniques.

☆ A SOUND CASUALLY FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER can delicately bring the texture of music into different layers.

☆ PROPERLY REPEATING some materials can deepen one’s impression of music, but they should be casually applied in the time space that ALWAYS KEEPS ONE’S EXPECTATION AND ATTRACTION.

Echoes are ringing in my heart

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