It doit y avoir absolument éternité en musique: 我作曲故我在 – I compose; therefore I am.

Audio Selection

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Ensemble Works

yet the dew remains in pale (2012) for orchestra
version: Premiere 2013.11 National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra @NTSO Concert Hall, Taichung, Taiwan


…through drifting moons (2011) for string ensemble
version: Premiere 2012.02 Palimpsest Ensemble @UCSD CPMC Concert Hall, San Diedo, USA


The Mind of the Crescent Moon (2004) for violin and orchestra
version: 2006.07 SWR Symphony Orchestra @ISCM World New Music Days, Stuttgart, Germany


Chamber Music Works

until after the twilight (2017) for flute, accordion, cello, contrabass, and electronics

into silence, and keep falling (2016) for cello and piano

Through a Fading Autumn (2010) for two huqin players, pipa, and zheng
version: 2013.07 Studio Recording @Meowl Studio, Kaohsiung

…since it’s no more a landscape (2008) for flute, guqin, and string trio
version: 2013.12 Music Taiwan 2013 @Songyi Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Under the Pines (2008) for seven Chinese instruments
version: 2011.03 Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra @National Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Works

as hovering ashes in a quarter moon (2013) for cello and live electronics
version: 2015.10 @Taipei, Taiwan

Mountainwards (2010) for zheng solo

…d’un songe (2010) for piano and live electronics

Those Remaining Words in Nuance (2009) for soprano and live electronics
version: 2015.11 @Pasadena, CA, presented by People Inside Electronics

Choral Works

in between emptiness (2016) for a capella male chorus

rising from the distant blue (2014) for a capella male chorus

twilight as a drifting islet (2013) for mixed chorus in two groups

Trois poemes pour la cote fuyant – II. suivant la trace de la pluie (2014) for mixed chorus and piano: 2014 Premiere @National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

Romance (2006-07) for mixed chorus and piano: 2008 Premiere @National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

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