It doit y avoir absolument éternité en musique: 我作曲故我在 – I compose; therefore I am.



Chen-Hui Jen, Composer (1981, Taiwan/USA)

Chen-Hui Jen is a composer, poet, and pianist, whose music presents an imaginative, spiritual, and poetic space with subtlety and sophistication.  She writes concert music for diverse instrumentation, including orchestra, chorus, solo and chamber music for western and Asian instruments, as well as electronics.  Chen-Hui Jen’s musical works reflect an angle of contemporary art music and often evoke a captivating atmosphere that integrates time, sound, color, and poetry.  She earned a Ph.D. degree in music at the University of California, San Diego, and currently serves at the Florida International University as a part time faculty and as the pianist in the FIU NODUS New Music Ensemble.

Chen-Hui Jen’s music works have been performed at multiple prestigious new music festivals and concerts, including the ISCM World Music Days, SEAMUS, ICMC, Visiones Sonoras, Acanthes Music Festival, ACL Music Festival, EarShot San Diego, ISCM New Music Miami Season, People Inside Electronics series, Taipei International New Music Festival, WOCMAT, and Taiwan Contemporary Sizhu Music Festival.  She has also received commissions by multiple ensembles including the League of American Orchestras Women Composers’ Reading and Commission Project, Ensemble 20° dans le Noir, Aurora Borealis Duo, Accordant Commons, Astralis Duo, The Living Earth Show, Palimpsest Ensemble, Ensemble ISCM-Taiwan, Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Taipei Chamber Singers, Müller Chamber Choir, Ching-Yun Chorus, and Kaohsiung Chamber Choir, as well as multiple grants from the Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Taiwan National and Arts Foundation.

Chen-Hui Jen’s piano performances primarily focus on experimental new music and electroacoustic music.  She has been performed at many distinguished venues, conferences, and festivals including the Spectrum in New York City, Center for New Music in San Francisco, Taipei National Recital Hall, Taiwan Chai Found 101 Auditorium, Miami Bakehouse Art Complex, Coral Gables Museum, Root Signal Festival, FETA Festival, as well as regular performances at the annual ISCM New Music Miami Season

任真慧 ,音樂筆耕人 (1981,臺灣)

任真慧是旅美臺灣作曲家、詩人與鋼琴家,美國加州大學聖地牙哥分校(University of California, San Diego)音樂博士,其音樂作品以獨特的空間感、豐富的想像力、充滿靈性的詩意、與精雕細琢緻的色彩為特色。近年創作專注於探索時間、聲響、語言、與詩性的整合,並同時以鋼琴家身份活躍於台美新音樂舞台,專注於電子音樂與當代實驗性藝術音樂作品。目前為佛羅里達國際大學 NODUS Ensemble 新音樂團鋼琴演奏家,並與作曲家暨電腦音樂家 Jacob David Sudol 以 Misty Shore Duo 之名合作 ,持續演出並推廣亞洲與美洲當代實驗音樂。

任真慧的音樂作品曾在 ISCM 世界現代音樂節、法國Acanthes 音樂節、美國SEAMUS 電腦音樂節、ICMC國際電腦音樂節、墨西哥Visiones Sonoras電子音樂節、亞洲作曲家聯盟大會暨音樂節 、EarShot San Diego工作坊、New Music Miami Season 邁阿密新音樂季、洛杉磯People Inside Electronics系列、WOCMAT 電腦音樂節、 合唱無設限、台灣當代絲竹樂展、台北國際現代音樂節等展演發表。近年接受 League of American Orchestras, Accordant Commons、The Living Earth Show、Aurora Borealis Duo、Astralis Duo、Ensemble 20° dans le Noir、Palimpsest Ensemble、台灣現代音協室內樂團、台北室內合唱團、小巨人絲竹樂團、青韵合唱團、高雄室內合唱團、及木樓合唱團等委託創作,並屢獲文化局及國藝會等創作補助。


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