It doit y avoir absolument éternité en musique: 我作曲故我在 – I compose; therefore I am.

Piano Performance Selection

Rand Steiger “Awhirl” (live-2016)

Jonathan Harvey “Tombeau de Messiaen” (live-2013)

Mario Davidovsky “Synchronisms No.6”


Alvin Lucier “Music for Piano and Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators” (live-2012)

Georg Fridrich Haas “Ein Schatten Spiel” (live-2014)


Ori Talmon “Learning from the Laughing Man” (live-2015)

Jacob Sudol “Wash yourself of yourself” (live-2011)

Jacob Sudol “approaching a prayer” (live-2012)

Bryan Jacobs “Song from the Moment” (live-2015)

Joji Yuasa “Towards the Midnight Sun”



Ken Ueno “Disabitato” (live-2013)

Kee Yong Chong “Time Flows II” (live-2017)

Chao-Ming Tung “Parting” (live-2014)

Chen-Hui Jen “…d’un songe” (live-2013)

Earle Brown “Music for Cello and Piano” (live-2017) Cello: Jason Calloway

Yumiko Morita “Element Metal” (live-2011)

Echoes are ringing in my heart

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