It doit y avoir absolument éternité en musique: 我作曲故我在 – I compose; therefore I am.

「晚秋渡」- 為兩位胡琴演奏者、琵琶與廿一弦箏 (2009-10)
“Through a Fading Autumn” – for two huqin players, pipa, and zheng (2009-10)

2011年11月27日 16:00 於國家演奏廳,亞洲作曲家聯盟2011大會,小巨人絲竹樂團首演。

Premiered at The ACL 2011 Conference and Festival, Sunday Nov. 27, 2011, 16:00 at National Recital Hall in Taiwan, by the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra

彩排影像  image from the rehearsal






阿彌唎哆。毗迦蘭帝。 阿彌唎哆。毗迦蘭多。
伽彌膩。 伽伽那。枳多迦利。娑婆訶。

- 往生淨土神咒

The work’s title “Through a Fading Autumn” also implies “drifting” and “passing”, towards another land.

Different from that in a standard Sizhu ensemble, I applied two huqins as the main role in this piece, which is like a miniature chamber concerto. The two huqins sometimes closely combine with each other and sometimes develop individual lines. The other two instruments here, pipa and zheng, also form a duet to respond and color the two huqins’ lines. A prayer’s melody is interspersed among these voices.

This work is in memorial of my sister, who passed away in late autumn in 2009. (The computer score is finalized in January, 2011.)

namo amitābhāya tathāgatāya tadyathā
amṛto dbhave amṛta siddhaṃbhave
amṛta vikrānte amṛta vikrānta
gāmine gagana kīrtakare svāhā.

– Pure-Land Dharani

Echoes are ringing in my heart

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