It doit y avoir absolument éternité en musique: 我作曲故我在 – I compose; therefore I am.


Jacob Sudol “…approaching a prayer” (2009-10) for Piano and Electronics
Premiere: 2010.01.31, Chapman University, CA
Performances: 2010.02.12 / 2010.04.28, UCSD Conard Prebeys Music Center, Blackbox
Piano: Chen-Hui Jen
Electronics: Jacob Sudol

Here is the computer musician / composer Jacob Sudol’s website:

A recording of my performance:

My sister Hueycat passed away on Oct. 31, 2009 for Pompe Disease, at age 26.  This is a piece specifically written by Jacob Sudol in memoriam to her.  Sadly this occured just a few days after I wrote my last blog entry, “Jardin du Nord”, in which I just mentioned about her.

I wouldn’t have too much to say about this piece, but music is prayer.  At the end of the piece the performer is required to practice heartsutra for 7 times silently with along  Ebow sound held on.  That was the most fabulous moment in the whole piece.  I chose my favorite 11th partial on the piano string in order to introduce this sustained color, and it actually blends pretty well.

Below is the first page of the score with my sister’s name included in the subtitle.

Echoes are ringing in my heart

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